a GM’s roles

to construct a roster, the main ways being:

  • drafting and scouting
  • player development
  • trading
  • contract negotiation

if i were to grade KD, here’s what I’d give him, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest:

  1. scouting, drafting, signing: 4 –> compare players
  2. player development: 5 – find amount of marles –> leafs compared to others
  3. trading: 3 –> outline all trades
  4. contract negotiation: 2 – nylander, matthews, marner, tavares

to me, what will be interesting as a real world comparison of the last skill there rated at 2 is when lou lamoriello finalizes a deal with some forward named matthew barzal.

this could drop dubas to a 1 in this area.

here’s what i would be reading if i were kyle:

  1. getting to yes
  2. never split the difference
  3. influence

just these books creatively applied have the potential to shave a few mill off the cap per year.

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