I’ve been thinking about what word would describe how the Leafs need to be to be winners in this Stanley Cup playoffs. I think they need to show they have arrived. The Leafs are a young team. So believe it like it is past tense and already happened, arrive, show your arrival like it was never in question. There have been shimmering glimpses of it through all of these last few seasons, be it dominant wins or stellar performances. All the potential and talent has been budding in this team and now is the time for it to show itself fully, an emergence, a genesis an epiphany. A full realization of who you are and what you need to be, free of doubts, fully engaged and in a focused flow because you never know how many opportunities you have. Leave it all out there Leafs, it is your Arrival.

Arrival: Denis Villeneuve Explains His Sci-Fi Opus | Den of Geek

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