Columbus is by No Means Unbeatable

Boston beat Columbus in 6 last year and Toronto took Boston to 7 two years in a row. Columbus is by No Means Unbeatable. There are things that will work against them.

  • Columbus was overloading, so if the Leaf forwards even it out a bit and get the puck back there will be open looks.
  • For rush plays it is like Columbus is playing an extended PK during even strength.
  • There are soft spots behind the forwards who hold the line and mostly the middle for chips to yourself.
  • Boston had success driving hard to the opposite post off rushes and finding an open man in the high slot.
  • There will be chances if the D men walk the line with the puck and look for tips and cross ice passes that open up for one timers.
  • Hard slap passes off the end boards might work.
  • The shot passes off of the goalie pads almost worked a few times.
  • Plays off of the off wing might work because your stick is closer to the middle, especially on a chip to yourself from the off wing rush.
  • Driving to the net off of a won board battle from the off wing.
  • Fake shots to get the defenders to instinctively drop down to block will give you an extra second to walk the defender or look for an open man.
  • Driving the net and looking for tips off skates always causes chaos.

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