“Dave Feschuk is an Idiot”

I can see why Phil “Hot Dog” Kessel called him an idiot.

Personally, I’d call him an asshole.

In his latest article on The Star, he laments Kyle Dubas tweeting out this Chinese parable read by the late meditation guru Alan Watts about the Chinese Farmer:

The parable teaches, in Feschuk’s words, ” Don’t overreact to the loss of our best remaining defenceman for the most important stretch of the season. What seems like adversity can sometimes breed opportunity.”

Then he says this, ” What is he thinking? How does a well-put-together student of analytics start coming off as attention-obsessed as Brian Burke, if Brian Burke were a pacifist millennial.”

Dubas tweeting a simple and relevant to the up and down results the Leafs are experiencing isn’t attention-seeking, it’s instructive, especially because these young kids need to learn this lesson.

NHL hockey doesn’t go well if it’s played emotionally. Bring too much emotion and you’ll get your ass suspended in the playoffs 2 years in a row.

It’s played well when it’s played with a steely resolve – knowing what you want to do and doing it, no matter what’s going on, whether you’re out there with a torn ACL or you just took a puck off the face.

This is why I wrote the previous post on “The Difference” that resulted in the 4-0 win vs. the Pens – this is what the Leafs need to bring.

After I heard the story about the hooting and hollering going on in the dressing room after the win against the Pens, I expected the next game to not go so well. We all know what happened.

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You lose a big game, don’t hang your head and shame and cry yourself to sleep.

Likewise, you win a big game, don’t celebrate like you just won the Cup.

Until, of course, you win the Cup.

That’s the time to let those pent-up emotions explode and it’s my guess there’s few things in life that would be as sweet.

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