Keep to Momentum Against the Canes

The second half of the two game segment with the Penguins really showed what this Leafs team is capable of. This is THE turning point for the season and the team. That was winning hockey. I would describe the way they played with the words dogged determination, focused, driven, full of hustle, hard on the puck, engaged, resolute, relentless, resilient, puck hounds, badgers against the opposing team, in the zoneFreddy was a rock, calm cool collected, focused, with ice in his veins. This is the mentality that will lead to success. You don’t need confidence because this mindset is unwavering and is stronger than any doubts. All of the other positive qualities of the team will shine through because of they already have the skill. Don’t go quietly Leafs, life is short, careers are shorter. At the end of the day if you said you could be proud of what you did then you would have lived to your greatest potential and have no regrets.

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