5/5 Commentary

Leafs vs. Penguins 02/20/20 – The Difference

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. so here’s my 7,000+ word blog post.

the difference is clear in the facial expressions after scoring. and how those who are all smiles quickly tone it down.

muzzin makes it 1-0
nylander makes it 2-0, gets very excited then 3 seconds later…
… realizes this goal didn’t secure the cup, let alone a playoff berth and proceeds to celly accordingly.
kappy makes it 3-0 off a breakaway snipe from a sick breakout started by muzzin to kerfoot’s sauce and it ain’t no thang.
muzz agrees.
hyman gonna get 30 in like 48 games or something and is pissed.
“fuck scoring i’d rather be forechecking but whatever”

4-0 buds. andersen gets a shutout but would rather be playing with lego.

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