Maintain Perspective and Get the Mental Game Back Leafs

I think it’s a mental game now for the Leafs. Keep things in perspective, professional hockey is an entertainment sport. In the Carolina game it turned into a spectacle and a really strange story. The team needs a reset and recharge, channeling whatever energy they can in the right moment. If it means being fired up, pissed off, motivated, resilient, resolute or any other positive response then it’s within them. They are riding the roller coaster just like the rest of us who are living it vicariously through them. Get back the mentality of a winner. Many have won won before to get to this level and know how to do it. Look at the list:

  • Stanley Cups 3, Olympic Golds 1,World Championship Golds 6, Calder Cups 7, World Junior U20 Golds 5, OHL/QJMHL/WHL Championships 4, Memorial Cups 1, NCAA Championships 2

This is a total testament to Be the best version of yourself you can be, you only have so many chances.

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